Treasure of Unicorn Gold Solution? A Seeker's Tale.

Welcome to the Treasure of Unicorn Gold MicroQuest Solution webpage.
In 1981 Howard Thompson, through Metagaming, released a programmed adventure and treasure hunt called Treasure of Unicorn Gold.
Many people bought the book and many people tried to find the hidden treasure which the book gave clues to find.
I dedicate this page to all Seeker's out there who looked for this treasure.

Please note that I am taking a bold step in calling this page the "Solution". Though I did not find the treasure I believe that I came very close to it and that I have solved enough of the clues to call this the "Solution".

Feel free to send any comments and/or corrections to me at alexzk AT

Feel free to send me an email message with any comments you might have, especially corrections.

You can send an email to me at alexzk AT

I would like to give special thanks to Jack L. Thomas for his assistance in providing clue solutions, image scans and being a sounding board to the various puzzles in the book. Finding his website was an inspiration for me to get off my duff and create this site to tell the tale of my quest.

Treasure of Unicorn Gold back box cover

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